Thursday, 2 July 2015

Felicity Price

Felicity comes up trumps - sounds like a title for a Famous Five book!

assorted gubbings aka hardware

Incidentally you get a super fast service from this vendor

Here I have two packs of hinges with the right screws and can now get on with making doors ready to go in when needed.  I also have door knobs (in the same vein) and a lock for inside the front door.  They all need to be black - suggestions welcome.  I don't want shiny or even jet black - they need to look like cast iron.  So how do I get a cast iron finish? - what paint?  If I paint with acrylic before putting them in place, they are not likely to stand up to all the woman-handling entailed when fitting them - especially the hinges.  There is no way I am attempting to paint them in situ on a white door.  I wonder if Humbrol sell a cast iron finish - must go look.

The banisters are not for my imaginary stairs I haven't gone that barmy yet.  I am hoping they will make decent legs for a couple of simple kitchen work tables I want to have a go at making them from scratch so I get just the size I want.  Oddly if you look at contemporary late 18th/early 19th century prints the tables are not huge in the kitchen and are usually covered in a cloth.  No idea where they did messy work if they clothed the table?  

My thinking is that if I saw the ball off the top and turn them upside down they look like sturdy table legs?  Too fancy for a kitchen?  Should they be absolutely plain?  I am not seeing plain in NT type houses, but they aren't always right.  

I must curb the urge to be more right than the rest of the world - basically it is a waste of time as the rest of the world won't know any way and they will think I am wrong!  Being a megalomaniac can be tiring. (for everyone!)

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