Friday, 17 July 2015

The state of the house

So far......

Since changing to 2015 and therefore rethinking the rooms and their uses, I did a stock check on what I had for where and what I might need now.

I sorted all the floors, trims, chimney breasts, fires and fire surrounds and a bit of a sort out of lights.  They are proving to be a pain.  All these items were then dropped in each room as I did a check....... and there they stay.  Off with another shopping list

Right now the basement is the only part actually being worked on.  

From the left - the den (green): this is painted and floors down and soon to have coving and doors in place and skirting boards painted ready for when I want them.  Centre (yellow) room is the utility room: painted and the floor is in process.  On the right is 'my' workroom:  fitted cupboard in place, painted.

On the ground floor left to right will be - dining room, hall, kitchen

First floor: drawing room, library

top floor: students 'flat' sitting room, kitchen and built-in storage cupboards, bedroom.  Her bathroom is across the landing  If I squeeze it in here the rest gets compromised. 

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