Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Swamped by EBay

Frabjous day when three parcels arrive for your mad hobby, but not so great when two prove to be useless.

The problem with buying on EBay is the buying a pig-in-a-poke syndrome...... and I did.  Absolutely no fault of the sellers - but underlines the notion of buyer beware.

The first huge parcel to arrive was some wood that I paid over twenty pounds for!!!  The picture I saw looked to be lots of pieces of various qualities and thicknesses of wood and a load of different trims and I thought it would give me a good start with the possibility of making a couple of pieces of furniture.

it still looks promising in this picture

It isn't 
even as good as this looks - all the 'trims are the same strange double slotted wood, so no useful trims.  From this I was able sort out literally half a dozen usable small pieces of wood.  I think whoever sold it realised that two people had probably bid on this expecting something that it wasn't and so she very kindly gave me a stack of stuff as she said she wanted to finish getting rid of the dolls house things.

That was very kind of her and would certainly have given me good value for what I spent if I could have used it, but it isn't the sort of furniture I buy.  Never mind there is a local show who will benefit from it so it won't go to waste.

My next disappointment was someone who very probably knew nothing about scale so again seven pounds plus up the spout.

looks like a case of honey I shrunk the kids!

My last item was what looks like a brand new copy of this book for the princely sum of £2.75 and £2.95 postage, so it kind of goes towards making up for the other two and I suppose this is how you have to see EBay as working.  Swings and roundabouts.

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