Monday, 27 July 2015


Thinking again of any newbie that may have found me, you might want to think about the quality of some of things you buy.

Doors and wood trims in particular need consideriation.

This is my fourth build and I have never 'fussed' about these things and bought average stuff at average price.  I suspected almost all are pretty much the same Chinese manufacturer (?).  I had several skirtings left over from previous builds so bought a few more to top them up to save wasting them but luckily I also bought some better quality ones too.  

Like me, there may be a place for the poorer ones in your build; mine are going in the basement rooms, so I would probably would have chosen these any way so they deliberately didn't look that great.

Here are my two very different quality skirting boards:

The top one is the ubiquitous £1 skirting you can buy all over the place.  It is narrower and thinner than the one below.  The routing at the top is minimal but worst of all, the wood is very poor quality.  As I said this never made me fret - after a few coats of paint they look perfectly acceptable in most houses.

If you have a good quality house it deserves the skirting you can see at the bottom of this picture.  Astonishingly it only costs 99p and is leaps and bounds better than the others. Wider, thicker, better routed and lovely quality wood.

It comes from an arm of Dolls House Cottage Workshop called Dolls House Mouldings.  They offer four styles and they are all 99p each.  All their work is lovely quality and I so wish I had bought my house from them!!

Seek them out before buying anything else if you want a lovely finish to your work.  Same price or less than inferior products - it's a no brainer.


  1. That is a big difference, isn't it! I will have to remember Dolls House Mouldings when I come to add the woodwork to the Galleria ~ whenever that day will be! It seems a very long way off at the moment LOL

  2. Do make a note - his trims are lovely and he is a lovely young chap. Know what you mean about this stuff taking time. I am still wallowing around and not actually achieving very much. I can't believe the three previous builds only took me six months each time from flat-pack to done.