Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Jennifers of Walsall

Here come's good old Jennifer's of Walsall again.  I did tell you they are my go-to place.  Came up trumps as always - even when messed about by me and trying to get a short break away!

bread and butter items

I got various trims to top up and replace ones I already bought after looking again at what I wanted to do with the rooms.  I also bought fires for the parlour (on right ) which matches the one in the dining room.  The one on the left is for the library.  This is the slightly larger version of the small hob grate you have seen me working with (4 July post).

nicely done bricks

This is a red Flemish brick they do in a large fibre glass sheet which gives a great texture to the brickwork.  The mortar between the bricks is a sort of gritty sandy substance so it looks very realistic.  Needless to say I had one of these sheets and sold it on last year when I quit twelfths!

It is a bit of a luxury buy just to put behind fires in the chimneys and then cover it in soot.  I am cracked, what can I say.

Chinoiseries - Romance

This might be totally wrong historically??? but I love it.  It is a paper I used in another build and had a sheet left over, so I ordered three more for this house.  Chinoiseries is the make and their quality is superb.  Lovely soft printing, great paper and it goes up like a dream.  This is for the library - bit wasted in there really but I am trying to keep a 'blend' of colours running through the house and this will live next to the drawing room better than the one I originally bought for the library.

Chinoiseries - Manila yellow

I saved the best 'til last.  This is another Chinoiseries and my camera and I have done it such an injustice.  It is a lovely lemony yellow background and the usual soft colours overlaying that.  Such a pretty paper and destined for the dining room.


  1. You keep giving me such good ideas! I hadn't thought of using these brick sheets ~ red brick doesn't really "fit" for the look I want ~ but of course the bricks also come in grey! Even better than the bricks, though, are the grey stone sheets ~ absolutely PERFECT for the look I want on the Galleria! Thanks Em :-)

    1. I am just thrilled to bits that something I shared helped someone and maybe you found Jennifers - the bee's knees. Marilyn