Saturday, 18 July 2015

House of Miniatures

This was my eBay arrival for today and was a bargain.

I am sorry if I have mentioned these before.  I talk and write such a lot about minis I have no idea who I said what to; this includes the blogs!

These furniture kits are fabulous.  Lovely wood, beautifully made, finely cut, great instructions and you end up, in this case for example, with two lovely little chairs and you had the fun and pride of 'making' them yourself.  Even more satisfying you will have paid a pittance compared to buying this quality furniture ready done.  This pair cost me £6.50, plus a little stain and varnish (a minute amount of each) and fabric, which I probably already have.  They do come with the blue fabric so you don't even need that.

They are a bit of a mystery to get.  I am fairly sure they went defunct in 1972 but there seems to be a lot still around?  You will find a couple of vendors selling them - as usual check out Jennifers of Walsall but, like me, you can also trawl eBay.  Be careful there as they can be on for some silly prices and many are in the USA eBay site and so cost an even sillier amount to get here, but now and then, a bargain pops up.  I hope I have a stack of them waiting for me in the States via a kind neighbour who has taken them in for me.  A couple of which are really hard to find.

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