Wednesday, 8 July 2015


I am sure there must be yards of good advice about not changing horses midstream but please do not send it my way.

I am abandoning the current narrative for my house and with it everything to do with being set in 1830.  I am making a huge leap to 2015!

The first house I ever did was a Dolls House Emporium Georgian but the date was something in the 1980's.  Wentworth Court.

I loved doing every inch of it.  It may have been mini but it gave me exactly the same chance to choose things for it as I would be doing in real life.  The constraints were also the same as real life; namely my budget and whether I could find what I wanted.... and we are all used to that.

Doing an historical house and being pernickity just isn't suiting me.  I want everything to be right and this is causing endless problems in terms of sourcing the object but the thing that worries me more is that if I adhere strictly to the time period it is not entirely 'pleasing to my eye'.  I so want white wood and contrasting wood trims and colours I like and brass and glass and flowers and plants and pictures and food I want to eat etc etc etc.

I don't think it means wasting anything other than cook's green door which was heading to the bin any way having had grooves cut for hinges that won't materialise.  Maybe a couple of lights....

As for wasting all the research - not at all - I know a whole lot more about the early eighteen hundreds and I love knowing 'a whole lot more' about anything.

I can buff the fireplaces to a lovely satin/steel finish instead of dreary black, stop searching for  nasty iron door knobs and have the hugest fun designing yet another kitchen.  In thirteen real life homes I have lost count of the kitchens I have designed.....  I love it.

kitchen in wentworth

As it will be a Grade II listed the inhabitants won't be able to change any of the actual construction, so that holds true to what I have done so far but I will be able to light it more easily and hopefully have less hold-ups.  This has been a truly stop-start build so far.

Being a Classic Georgian it cries out for sympathetic owners who will be furnishing the 'public' rooms with pieces of Sheraton and Chippendale and their ilk alongside their more comfortable needs, so the furniture I have been amassing will all have a good home.

Off to browse through images on line - think Homes and Gardens magazine and Agas - oooh Laura Ashley......


  1. Much as I love to look at other folks' period homes, personally I want my own dolls' houses to be set in a modern era ~ that way, I can have whatever I want in them with no time-period constraints LOL

  2. Yeah! So you'll be sticking with me then... Just bought my first radiator and ordered ceiling spotlights. Onwards and upwards. Marilyn