Saturday, 25 July 2015

Sorry its no longer daily

I am sorry I am no longer doing a post every day.  I will post as often as I can.  It is a combination of two things.  Firstly I am doing 'background' work on the project like clearing up my room and hopefully testing out some power tools soon!  Secondly much of what I am actually doing right now for the build itself is the very tedious and time consuming painting of trims and doors ready for when I need them which I am sure you don't need to share.

Now and again though I will be shopping....

Another haul from Jennifers of Walsall netted me some more flooring and trims to complete my builder's list.  I also managed to talk myself up into buying yet more wallpaper.  I hope there are other batty people in this hobby that are useless at buying wallpaper.  (a) I can't find what I want but maybe that's 'cos I don't know what I want (b) I see something I like so I've got to have it, but turns out to be totally inappropriate (c) buying on line gets me paper in all the wrong colours and finishes and even, sometimes, sizes!!  I now have 47 pieces and I am still not sure I am there.

Jackson's 'Birds and Berries'

Brodnax 'Cherry Blossom'

My camera has given them a very wishy-washy appearance.  The pictures on Jennifer's site are much closer.

Birds and Berries is so Arts and Crafts and really not right for this house but I have used it before and love it.  Cherry Blossom could be Regency style and is very light and pretty  so that will probably make the final cut.

PS: By my reckoning I have 79 trims to paint each of them 18 inches long and needing three coats - this means 355.5 feet of painting......  I do love a challenge.....


  1. I've got rather a stash of wallpaper too ~ with no walls anywhere near ready to stick any of it to LOL I find so many dolls' house-related stuff just too hard to resist ~ at the moment, I'm going through a people-buying phase! Still, at least once the Galleria is finished I will be able to put them into the various shops as customers ;-)

  2. I love finding the right person to go in to a build - they often bring a story with them. Right now all I have are my two teenage children I need the lady of the house, a student and a housekeeper though i may fall across completely different characters. Such fun this malarkey. Marilyn