Friday, 10 July 2015


I am occupying some time getting doors ready while I wait for a couple of things to arrive to let me get on with what I want to do next.

I doubt it but I really hope if you click on the picture below to enlarge it you can see the difference between one, two and three coats of paint.

from the left one, two, three coats

I have only ever done two coats of paint but as this is intended to be my 'best build to date' project I thought I'd go the whole hog and give the woodwork three coats.  Honestly, in real life, I can see the difference and think it is worth doing.

It is only worth doing if you and the chosen paint can do three thin coats otherwise at this scale it will just look gloppy.  

In my case the thin finish is achieved by using Cuprinol Shades (garden paint!) which soaks into the wood leaving a slight sheen and helped further by rubbing down between each coat to denib the surface,


You can then slightly age/dirty the wood with the usual mid-tan shoe polish and a buff or just leave it as is.

I have chosen an off-white colour (Pale Jasmine) so I am happy enough with that as my house will have been fairly recently decorated.

Indeed the hall has been pale grey and then Jasper Cane yellow and I am now stewing on papering it with a Regency stripe.


  1. goodness, I really can see the difference between the coats! I wasn't expecting to be able to do so, to be honest, as it's a photo as opposed to "real life" but I have to say that the third coat does give a very much more "finished" look to the door! I shall have to remember the Cuprinol trick. I use their stain on our garden fences and it really is the best garden stain I've used, simply because it is so thin and really soaks into the wood rather than laying on the surface.

  2. This is the Shades range and there are some lovely colours. There are tester pots so it is affordable. Truly the best thing for painting any wood where you want a slight sheen. Bet your fence stain would do too. You'd just need to varnish it. Its the thiness that makes it work well at this size. Marilyn

  3. I went on the Cuprinol website and ordered a whole stack of testers in all sort of lovely colours ~ I've got masses of ideas floating around in my poor head now for the Galleria LOL

  4. That's brilliant, so happy you've found them. Hope you like them too. Just a bit of a nag, do try to be oatient and do three coats and gently rub down with the finest sanding thing you can find in between coats. You will end up with a lovely finish, truly. If you are a shabby chic person..... Not for me.... Youcan stop at one or two coats and the job is done for you, none of the faffinf around sanding down to wood, the wood will come through in patches until you get to the third coat. Such pretty colours and many go beautifully together. Marilyn. PS. I have a summerhouse and plant boxes and all sorts covered in it in real life.... It also wears really really well. Marilyn