Tuesday, 30 June 2015

EBay comes up trumps

Apologies if I keep saying how much I hate EBay.  I think it starts with the principle of getting something for nothing which, as a seller, is 'painful' and as a buyer, encourages the greed in us that we wish didn't have.  On a less moral high ground I just hate its systems, lack of help, paying through the nose in terms of their charges (taking a per cent on the postal costs as well as the item, being the most annoying) and then Paypal's charges and so on. 

Then, just like lots of others, I can't resist a trawl when bored or using them when I have no idea how to get rid of things I don't want.  Supping tea with the devil.

Here's my latest purchase for a couple of pounds plus postage.

by Headley Holgate and Pamela Ruddock

It is a terrific book for anyone with skills and tools and would be an excellent primer for someone setting out with the intention of being a 'serious' furniture maker.  I knew this before buying but hoped it would give me some pointers and even measurements and plans for bits and bobs like a kitchen table, a desk, some book shelves.

When you are someone who doesn't know her birch from her cherry, her veneer from her balsa I think a bit of night-time reading might be helpful.  So you know what I will be doing tonight.