Saturday, 27 June 2015

Recovery day

Throwing a wobbler yesterday did me a huge favour.  I have had a grand sort out..... I commend this to you.

If you think of your real life house and how many thousands of parts it is comprised of.  Even when hundreds of things have been used for the actual construction and decoration there are still hundreds more filling the spaces in the rooms.  This is what you are going to end up with in your project.  There is no way you can possibly remember what you have and haven't got.  I often hear ladies say how they have duplicated an item simply because they forgot they had it already.

My sort-out was driven by the need to order any basics that were necessary to let my build go forward but then it became a great opportunity to sort stuff into rooms and list everything I have before it becomes too big a task.

wallpaper box
I got out my two roll-under-the-bed boxes (they roll under my work table).  One contains wallpaper and the other .........

trims, doors, laminates
This stores trims and doors and any wood I might have (which isn't much).  The box that looks like a kit is one I made a couple of years ago (wish I still had it) and now it just stores little pieces of laminate (samples from Home Goods,USA).  They are useful for marble and for under fires.

I store my wooden floors and floor tiles all together on a shelf in a cupboard.  They came out too.  They were all then sorted into their rooms like this.

in process

I made a very rough kind of index in my favourite notebook, giving each room three pages and took my time emptying each one and writing down what I had and then gave it another  good dose of thinking about what else was needed and wrote this down.

At the end of that process I then went through every drawer and box I have things stored in an allocated each item to a room.  Not as difficult as you think.  Admittedly now and again you come across a small mirror or picture or vase and have no idea which room it will settle down in but it seemed sensible to plump for the most likely and add it to the list.

I could now see where the holes were and what I needed to order and set to ordering a few trims, some fires to finish off the eight needed in this house, some wallpaper where I didn't have enough or wasn't happy with what I had.  I am still stuck for black door knobs; can't find any in the UK.  There is 'sort of' one vendor in the States that I've found so may have to wait on those until I get back there.  The postage from the States is just silly and if you get slapped with import tax as well it is just not viable.

I am hoping my notebook will be a huge help when I am show shopping so I can check if I already have something or not.

I am currently buying lots and lots of furniture kits (House of Miniatures) in the States off American EBay which a kind neighbour is taking in for me until we get back there in September.  They will get added to the lists when I can physically check them off.  Meanwhile I must remember not to buy any more furniture!!


  1. You have been busy! Funnily enough I did exactly the same thing with furniture recently - placing what I had in the relevant rooms. Although it wasn't much, it gave me a better idea of where I'm going. Just one piece can change the whole mental image we may have of the space. I

    I'm very impressed with you making notes and jottings of all the pieces you have - that must have taken you some time.

    1. It wasn't as bad you think it might be as it is early days for me. All I have to do now is keep it up and remember to write down anything I buy in the right room - can't think of any other way to get a grip on the endless - do I have one of those? I couldn't even remember if I had wallpaper or not for any particular room before I did it. I have 38 pieces of wallpaper and it turns out am using eight of them!! Yes SB's is four of that seven! Then it was what paint where and so on.... it was a useful exercise. Thank you for stopping by.