Sunday, 28 June 2015

Felicity Price

You may have been reading my 'glums' saga part of which was due to a lack of door hinges.  I ordered some at a very good price from Felicity Price.  Do go and check out her site.  She is heading towards retiring and is reducing her stock.  As I said I got hinges at a good price and, as I always do, if I am paying postage I added in to the order to make it worthwhile.  

Here's my cache......

Felicity Price

The candelabra are really nicely detailed and not at all clunky like some of the 'brass' ones are.  My date of 1830 doesn't really allow for brass - they are later and more Victorian.  I could use them as gilded ones but silver-gilt in this house would be unlikely, whereas they would have a few nice silver pieces 'from the big house'.  I am very pleased with these, wish I had bought a couple more small ones.  Hey ho, might have to go back for another look!

I have two of the domes.  You may remember I had just bought four and was offering two as freebies to anyone who wanted them... then I saw these.  They are glass, not plastic, and sit on a finely made metal base.  The little handle at the top comes separately so if you don't want a 'knob' on top you can just leave it off.  Lovely weight to them and good size at 3/4" across the base and an inch high.  I have two. She has several designs (fancy bases) and sizes.

In the background are the hinges!  I shall be rebating doors, painting them and fitting the hinges as my very next 'chore'.  

............  one happy dollhouser.........

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