Monday, 1 June 2015

Starting on the ELF linen press

We are going to York next weekend for a couple of days to see Fairfax House and then do the York show on Sunday.

 York Dolls House and Miniatures Fair  Click on the link for details.

So, I am holding off on starting the interior decorating, adding doors, trims and putting in the dividing walls until I have seen Fairfax House just in case there is something outstanding to sway me in one direction or another.

Meanwhile there are a ton of other things I can crack on with, starting with the fabulous ELF linen cupboard.

base units clamped
It really is a simple case of following Elizabeth's detailed instructions so, if you buy something from her, there is little to add to what will be in front of you when working.  She even remembers to tell you at what stage of the build to paint/stain various parts before assembling.  I can't think of any other kit maker that does that (?) - it is usually down to you to work it out and that's not always a success!

I am making a couple of YouTube videos videos showing the process of this make, but this blog and those videos do not run side-by-side.  I try to blog every day whereas I only film once a week or so.  If I did more than that I would always be talking and showing rather than actually achieving very much.

I'll let you know here every time I add to the video list.  Right now I have two 'in the can' and one other already waiting so it could take three weeks before ELF's terrific cupboard is seen in the movies.  You'll get to see it sooner.

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