Friday, 26 June 2015

Bad day

As this is my first attempt to write an infinitesimally detailed account of a build from start to finish it behoves me also to write about my not doing it!

I have hit a wall today with the build and am bordering on weepy, overwhelmed by it.  It seems I just can't go forward in any direction for one reason or another.  This is the first build which has seemed too complex and fraught with problems.

I have said before in this blog that I usually have a ten step plan/order of build and it just bowls along - tick, tick, tick.  Yes, there are minor hold-ups and teeny things to wrestle with but I have had an overall picture/plan and they have succumbed to that.  I am not finding that with this project at all.

Having been stopped from doing the vestibule because I need door hinges (and then black door knobs which I can't find any where in the UK) I thought I would move on to finishing the housekeeper's room today.  It needs flooring, skirting, quarter scale coving, door finishing, chimney breast, fireplace.

The fire can't go in - (a) I haven't built it yet (b) I don't have a fire surround.  This means the chimney breast can't go in; this means the skirting can't go in.  I can't do the door for the reasons I said (no hinges or knobs).  I don't have quarter scale coving so can't tidy up the ceilings and any way the chimney breast isn't going in because.......  etc etc etc.

I can do the floor as long as I leave it unfinished round where the fireplace is going.

OK, you might think this isn't enough to get wound up about, but multiply this by eleven which is the number of rooms in the house that all this applies to and you can see where I am coming from.

So, don't abandon me, if you don't hear from me for a while I am just trying to assemble the things I need to be able to go forward. 

If you are doing your first project and keep feeling like this - take heart and keep pushing forward.  I may not have been as 'defeated' on previous ones but they have taught me enough to know it will all happen and it is more about being patient and to keep on keeping on and it will come together.

By all means walk away from it rather than wind yourself up but not so far that you don't return.  This is how all those half finished dolls houses languish in sheds and attics forever.

So, meanwhile I might just do most of the basement flooring and make some furniture.

Watch this space.

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