Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Reality steps out of my story

I received this marvellous little gift  today from a mini correspondent.  She sent me this entirely unearned gem for my project.  Thank you hugely Janet R.

I have been craving two little drum cupboards form Masters Miniatures so Janet has probably done me a double favour as I might very well treat myself to them just so I can display this ammonite properly.

I was pleased on several levels:  someone was kind enough to send me a gift, it fitted my notion of my project perfectly, it was even sort of on my list of things to get in that I have found someone who makes 'pretend' ones.

However, my ammonite is real - how good is that.  It also came from Charmouth which is a fossil hunting area near to my characters' Lyme Regis house and they most certainly would have gone fossil hunting there and would have been pleased to find such a perfect six inch ammonite.

Just in case you think that six inches is large, take a look at these:  Largest Ammonite.

I am getting worried that this corner of my dollhouse passion is leading me to another interest.....

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