Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Let there be light

I have got my first light in place - albeit it is one you'll never see!

hidden corridor light

Don't panic I do know they didn't have lights like that in 1830.  You need a ton of imagination to follow this.  

The cupboard on the right is at the back of the Housekeeper's room and had to go in first to determine precisely where the next wall would be.  Once that was settled it was easy to determine where the corridor at the back of the central room (servants' hall) would start and finish.  If you look carefully you can see that I have painted the wall green at the end which will be visible from the kitchen when the walls are in place.  I want a light in the corridor to draw your eye so you realise there is a corridor there when the walls are in.  Any old light would do as it will never be seen again (or accessed!!) when the walls go in place.  This is a leap of faith on my part as I have no means of testing whether it works or not before it even goes in (!)

sticky tab had better hold

I had a bit of a mental tussle with myself as to how to stick it in place.  A lot of the cheaper lights come with a sticky tab which I normally remove as I don't like the looks of them.  I did find a glue that holds them in place after much trial and error - more of that when I come to do the proper lighting.  This time because it won't be seen I thought I'd just use what was there.  I wonder if there is a risk of the glue softening with heat from the light and it falling off - should have waited to test it before putting in the walls.  Hey ho, the wires will hold it up enough to do the job.  I am also hoping the white shade will soften the light as they would have been lucky to have the odd candle lantern dotted here and there in these areas.

crude but does the job
This is a bit of a crude fit - again because it won't show.  Hole through floor and hole through back wall - all done.  Worse part is threading the wire up through the hole.

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