Monday, 29 June 2015

Unique Miniatures

Just got the weeniest teeniest package from Unique Miniatures.  She might actually be called Val Harper Miniatures, whichever it is my link will take you there.

This is the lady who set me off on my path of inventing the Philips sisters (aka Philpots) and their curies by tempting me to madness with her bone collection in a table.  Having bought that and begun the narrative for my house I now need other 'fossils'.  

fish and reptile fossils

The larger one of the two is about three quarters of an inch by one inch so a decent size to display in the library without overwhelming the room.  I am going to make a couple of book stands for them ... probably.

I have written to a fossil company (without a response as yet) to ask them to send me ten or more (depending on price) very small fossils (under 25 cms/one inch) for other displays.  I am running out of hope.  I can get some nice pieces from Unique Miniatures but relish the notion of the fossils being real.  These, of course aren't but they are beautifully crafted 3D and wonderfully painted.  They look great.

Take a trip to her site.  It is not all about these sort of things.

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