Wednesday, 10 June 2015

From York Show (7th June) part 1

I think I may have bought too many things from the York show to share with you in one go so I'll spread it out over three days.  The vendors/goodies are in no particular order other than the order I photographed them in.

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These are very inexpensive items from Tumdee Miniatures.  They bring thousands of items to the shows and are always worth a trawl round for bits and bobs.  The two ceramic platters for example are nicely thin and that's not easy to find for just a few pence. 

 The tankards need a pewter paint to bring them down a little and will be stashed in the servants hall ready for the servants small ale (or small beer).  In Susanna Whatman's  household they were allowed four pints a day plus a pint of strong ale (half pint for the female staff) - this was drunk with dinner.  All the ale was kept under lock and key, along with the rest of the drinks, by the butler and he was not allowed to delegate the job of getting any of them out from the cellar or the serving of them.  She ran a tight ship.

Drunken servants was a huge problem for centuries!

Cutlery, wine bottles, knife and the rest are all OK 'for now'.   If they get replaced by something better further down the line they will move on to the servants, as they did in real life.

I thought this was a sweet little box from Pan Miniatures.  This is a husband and wife team who offer a wide range of things that they make and sell.  This is possibly destined for the housekeeper's bedroom to keep her private papers in.  I might give it the usual boot polish buff.

Tanya's Little Curtains does what it says.  She makes very nice drapes and will make to order.  She also carries furniture and other things on the stall at shows and I found these nice little bits and pieces among the gems.  The wooden buckets are very nicely in scale.  The material they are made with is the correct thickness for pails. The rope handle is good too.  I thought the barrel was a good chunky robust food barrel of some sort and the bread peel is again a nice finish and looks the part.  The small book may well go in a glass case as it would have been a hugely expensive illuminated collectors piece for my ladies.

Victoria Fasken doesn't have a website so I can't give you a link here.  If you Google her you will find a few vendors who sell her work but otherwise you would have to email her or better still catch her at a fair if you want to see her wonderful range of hand painted items.  She even does some half scale (1/24th).

I have always loved her things and have bought a couple of items over the years - on one occasion from her 'reduced' basket.  I never thought I would push the boat out and own a six place setting and a tea for two set, but here they are.

This is supposed to be my 'rest of my life' house so I hope to be able to collect things I really shouldn't buy!

Her patterns are her own.  We agreed this style was 'Georgian/Regency' and would fit my 'greenery/yallery' pre-1830 house very well.

Come back tomorrow to see what I got from four more vendors.

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