Sunday, 14 June 2015

Housekeeper's linen cupboard finished and in place.

I have finally finished something and got it in place.  At last I feel as though I have now actually started this project.  It has been a long time coming; can't believe the previous three projects were each built, decorated, furnished and finished in six months.

keyhole plates in place

knobs added

When it was all glued together and dry I gave it a 'coat' of tan show polish just to 'dirty' it up a little and to give it a light sheen.

hope you can see the difference - three more doors to polish

So then it was all done and buffed and ready to go in place.

bit of a gap on the right - sort of sorted now

Here it is at the back of the housekeepers room so cutting down the length of the room a little.

not quite the tunnel this looks like but is still 13 inches long

If you are a glutton for punishment and look at the videos there will be one showing how the cupboard was built.  I only post one video a week and have a few in hand so it will be a while before that one turns up.

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