Tuesday, 9 June 2015

More from Jennifers of Walsall

I doubt there is a lot of point sharing wallpaper with you as the colours from my camera or on your screen will in no way match the paper.  To some extent this is a problem when choosing paper and fabric on-line, you are just flipping a coin and hoping it will be OK.

Jennifers of Walsall site is as close as you are going to get - plus, as I said your own screen will nudge it some any way.  Theirs was a cracking service as always - they must have been in the throes of sorting out for the York show when they got my order.  I emailed them late evening of the 3rd and the things were in my little hands on the 5th.  Easier than going shopping.

odd combination

Colours on this one are pretty near - this is just a bit paler.  I thought the grey and green was an odd combination but decided a regency stripe must work somewhere and I saw a painted border in the Georgian House, Edinburgh instead of actual plasterwork so that may also work somewhere, though green would have been perfect.

real one is a dark moss green

In reality this is a much denser green but is such a spot on Regency pattern it deserves a home - maybe the library.

real one has a buttery yellow background
This one is decidedly buttery yellow which again was a popular sort of colour and pattern for the period.

I decided I want the house to be in 'greenery-yallery' colours.  In real life and dolls house life I like there to be a sort of cohesive tone running right through a house I don't like the jangle of a room in this colour and another room in an entirely different palette.  So, right now, nothing is cast in stone but if I see suitable papers in suitable colours as I did here I might just pick them up in case.

If you think my idea of blended colours is potty - take a look at Newhailles near Edinburgh.  They must have got a job lot of green paint as most of the house is the same colour.

Having now moved the date from 1820 to 1830 and given the Philips sisters permission to re-do the house, we can have wallpaper here there and everywhere.

The next item is what I am thrilled to bits with.

keyhole plate sets

My linen cupboard needed a lock on every drawer and door.  Ideally the escutcheons should match but half needed to be horizontal for drawers and the other half be vertical for cupboards.  Wouldn't you think that was just impossible.  Not so, good old Jennifers came up trumps.  Indeed they have ten types to choose from!

I had no idea if they would look too big - I thought they might be for doors as opposed to furniture - but they are just perfect,  To be in keeping with the dates of the house I might have to paint them black - shame as they are so pretty as they are.  I just need to drill a tiny hole for the keyhole, nip these from their frames and glue in place.  So, so pleased.  Thank you Jennifers of Walsall

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