Sunday, 21 June 2015

Bargain paint

I bought these three pots of paint from B & Q on old fogy Wednesday when I get my 10% discount for being decrepit.  

sample size pots

The two Dulux Timeless Classic are what I went for.  I knew they had the two shades of grey that I wanted; they are  125ml for £3.52 (discounted £3.17).  

For the white woodwork I wanted a silk finish emulsion - I'll tell you why in a moment.  You'll find that in the general run of sample pots it is very rare to get sample whites and you will never get it in any finish other than matt.  Valspar however will mix you a sample pot with a silk finish.  In addition they have literally thousands of paint chip colours and even lights to show you what they look like in daylight and other lights - this might be important to you (?).  They also offer a paint match service whereby you can take in just about anything and they will create a mix to colour match it.  I must say I have had this done twice in the States and can only say they were roughly in the ball park, not spot on.

I got my plastic pot (much better than a tin to open and keep clean) of white and tootled off to the checkout.  The Valspar came in at 236ml for £2.58 (£2.32 after discount).

So, no brainer - nearly twice as much for a third off the price - Valspar from now on.

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