Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Next hold up

Here I was happily painting away trying to get stuff ready to assemble into a finished vestibule (aka hall) when I hit the next snag; but first the painting.

engraved locket
No, that photo is not purporting to be a photo of an engraved locket, that is the colour of the hall walls; a very pale grey. Don't worry about the rough edges door trim will go there.  You will also notice I don't bother masking off those areas or avoid paint then though I tell everyone else to!  I am sure it must be best to leave naked wood so it can bond nicely to other naked wood but I honestly have never found a problem with it.  The glue seems to work OK over emulsion paint.

On to the trims.


The inspiration picture is from the Georgian House (that photo is copyright of National Trust of Scotland).  They claim that the colours of the drawing room came from some research on another house.  It looks astoundingly modern (and therefore so pleasing) to my eye, so I am happy to go with that idea for my hall.  

Accordingly the dado rails are painted white.  They are correctly positioned here in the Georgian house at about 2' 6" (75cms) and so meet the demi-lune spot on.  I don't have a demi-lune made up yet, or even in a kit in my hands (they are stockpiling in Naples for me). Even though I am pretty sure they stand at 2' 6" (two and a half inches high) I didn't want to risk it being just slightly out one way or another so I will be placing my dado rail at the more common-place (if too modern) alternative arrangement of three feet (three inches) from the floor instead.  That way I know my demi-lune will fit below it; always assuming it ends up in the hall any way.

The skirting boards have been masked off with tape and the tops painted white as in the reference picture.

cornice all ready
The cornice are painted in the awful ceiling paint I chose so they match and look like plaster.

wishing well
The skirtings are then finished with the darker grey, so we are good to go........


First of all this construction needs the trompe l'oeil picture stuck on the back wall and some wooden flooring down in that space and a light fixed there as if coming up from downstairs.

I could do that...  BUT..... I also need to get the door at the back of the hall fixed in on the 'loose' walls before they go in place, as it won't be possible to do that afterwards.  To do this they need to be hacked about and have hinges put on them.  I am waiting for the hinges to arrive......

..........everything goes on hold

OK, soon ......

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