Sunday, 10 May 2015

ELF comes up trumps

I am so pleased I found ELF Miniatures on my very first build.  I did a wonderful modern kitchen in my Wentworth from her kits.  It was the very first dolls house room I did and talk about inspiring confidence in what I discovered I could do; indeed it was a huge part of falling in love with this game.

This time I sent her an email and a photo asking what the possibilities were for making a linen cupboard from her kits.  I know she is always very busy with commissions but always quick to answer requests so I settled back to wait to see if I could get a cupboard.  Just a further couple of emails between us and three days later this arrived!  

Linen press

Most of the pieces are not just her standard pieces but have been cut for me.  You get massively detailed instructions on how to assemble her kits and, in the case of something a bit off piste, she always writes a couple of pages of additional instructions/information/tips.

Glorious work as always.  I just hope I do her justice.

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