Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The attic

Moving upstairs we arrive in the attic rooms.

servant's rooms
All three rooms have windows and the one on the right and left will have a small fireplace, not that they are ever lit.  These rooms were once family rooms used for a nursery and visiting young people and unimportant guests.  They are no longer needed for that function and the sisters have allowed them to be used by the female staff.  Cook and the Maid have the good rooms (after all they do double up as housekeeper and lady's maid) and the centre one is shared by the housemaid and the kitchen maid.  The poor scullery maid sleeps in the servants' hall.  There is talk of putting a truckle bed in the room for her but Nancy and Ruby are 'dead set against it':  bad enough doubling up when other servants accompany visitors.

The butler and footman have rooms across the corridor.

These rooms will all be accessed from the service corridor each having a door on the back wall.

Now to see where they all work.

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