Sunday, 24 May 2015

How not to paint

I already showed you the first coat of paint I did to help seal the MDF.  In all honesty it hasn't had a lot of effect.  This particular MDF still seems to be sucking up paint at a rate of knots.  I am wondering if there are different qualities of MDF - seems reasonable.

The previous three builds have all been fine with just a single coat and a rub down afterwards.  Paper and paint have gone on easily after that.

I was hoping to get away with the usual two coats on the ceilings, especially as I am painting inside a box which is no fun at all.  Here are the results of my efforts.

second coat going on

This is the second coat going on and it looks like a good coverage while it is still wet - you can see the thin band at the bottom which only has the first coat and it is quite a contrast to the second coat just applied above it.

drying out
As it dries out you can see it disappear into the MDF leaving a very patchy finish.  I am just living in hopes of a rub down and a third coat being the answer.

Tips to pass on from this experience are:

  • do your very best to paint as many surfaces as you can in their flat pack stage
  • use a roller
  • at least tip the house on its side for the ceilings if you must paint them after building (as I have done here)
I am not sure what to tell you about sealing the wood now as I am not confident the single coat of emulsion I have done has made a lot of difference.  We'll have to see as the decorating progresses.

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