Sunday, 3 May 2015

The kit is becoming expensive

You have seen the 'cupboard' stage of the assembly - it looks a bit like a bookshelf - and the pavement area; those are pretty much all I am keeping.  

redundant walls and floors

Indeed even within that I had three new floors cut and most of the dividing walls.  My other half cut me five new walls and has cut doorways in two others.

windows, stairs, quoins
If I can find (thirteen) better windows that will fit (eluding me right now) all these windows will be replaced.  Stacked with them are three sets of stairs which are also redundant.  The quoins look a bit flimsy but they may be OK when sanded to tidy them up and painted.  

Not seen here is the Victorian (!!!!) front door.  I really seem to have only one option and that is to use it.  Any Georgian front door arrangement I have found doesn't fit and adjusting the opening to try to make them fit is not viable.  If I can disassemble it I do have a cunning plan to make it look Georgian and to get it to stop floating in mid wall. 

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