Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Small delay? or not......

Sometimes when building a project you think you have planned to the nth degree and then you hit the glaringly obvious ommission.  After a couple of days painting, drying and rubbing down all walls and ceilings and the door fronts I was joyously about to glue in the wall dividers which would, at last, give me rooms to 'go at'.  I then realised all three of them allow some glimpse of a space behind and I had 'forgotten' that I need to finish those spaces before gluing in the walls.

space behind wall
This is an example of what I mean. The floor and wall space to the left is the drawing room, floor space to the front right is the library and the floor and wall space back right is the service corridor.  I need to finish the service corridor floor and wall before gluing in the dividing walls.  As yet, I don't have any ideas let alone the materials to do this.  The whole of this floor goes on hold.

Similarly with the entrance hall below and the kitchen below that. They are all dependent on choice of finishes being made and bought.

For this particular service area I might scrape by with a dull colour painted wall and a painted grey (stone) flooring.  

On the floor below, the hall glimpsed beyond the door needs tiles and possibly the suggestion of a finished wall.  That said I am not convinced about leaving the inner hall door open even a little as it will knock the symmetry off balance and there isn't enough useful depth to suggest a staircase or room beyond??????

The kitchen and its various viewpoints offer another set of issues.

They will all also need some sort of light fitted (and I don't have those) before closing off the area for good.  Yes, I do have that sort of confidence in the lights.  If any do fail for some reason, then it will just be an unlit area!!  I cannot work out some complicated way of getting back in there once this is built.

I think that the whole project may go on hold until after the York show in June.  Not only can I (hopefully) buy everything I will need at the show, but I will also be visiting Fairfax House the day before and gathering a zillion ideas.  I might just use the intervening time to do some kit building, starting with the ELF linen press.

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