Saturday, 16 May 2015

You Tube

I have started some YouTube records of the build if you want to take a look - they will appear less frequently than this Blog but sometimes it helps to have a film to show how to do something.  Right now that's not true as nothing much is happening.  That said, I have three of them in the bag.  This is the link to the first: Outside Dalton House.  The second one showing the inside will be 'published' next Saturday and the third showing the pretend stairs will be there the following Saturday.

I apologise for these being hand-held wobbly.  They will get better when I am actually working at my desk.  I did a few for the 1930's house and was getting the knack of it by the time I quit!

You can sign up on that link to be notified each time one comes out, just like you can for the blog.

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