Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Clearly every time I get a parcel I am keen to recommend the vendor to you otherwise I wouldn't have ordered from them in the first place.

Here are my lovely hall tiles:

I mentioned these in an earlier post, talking about drawing up a plan and I said I would show them to you when they arrived. is another of my go-to vendors.  Lovely product at a good price and the very best service possible. The owner will help with design and calculating and just about anything else and is meticulous about making sure you have just what you want.

This the Marlike range that I really like.  They are a great replication for marble tiles - shiny but not glistening which I hate.  You need to 'flatten' everything slightly in miniature.  Colour and light needs miniaturising too otherwise everything just shouts at you.

They are a very thin laminate and are beautifully cut and can be stuck down with any acrylic glue.

In all my previous projects I just stick any flooring to card and use double sided sticky tape in case I need/want to remove the floor at a later date.  This time, as there is no hanging light below this floor I may just go for it and stick them straight to the floor.

After all my proselytising about drawing up a complete plan to be sure you know what you want before ordering, the first thing I did after taking this photo was to start messing around with putting the squares on the diagonal and wondering about a border around the edge of the room instead of the 'rug' area........

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