Monday, 25 May 2015

Gems in small boxes

Today's package was from Minimum World.  It has taken a little longer to arrive than usual thanks to the post office.  I am telling you this to demonstrate how good Minimum World has been.  They emailed me yesterday to say the post office had returned my package as an invalid address!!!  I confirmed to them that they did indeed have my correct address and here it is at lunchtime today.  Brilliant. 

It was a pretty expensive little box because of these

Richard Stacey flags
They are Richard Stacey's flags.  They come with a two-sided finish - slate or sandstone and are random sizes to make an authentic looking random stone or slate floor.  They are £12.95 for 100 sq ins wherever you buy them.  this is the first time I haven't bought them from Stacey himself.  My thinking (and cheapskate bone in me) being that I would be paying postage for a couple of things I could only find here and then again on Stacey's flags.  If I bought them here I get free post (over £40).  So win, win.


Caption says it all.  Useful though when you come across them for a nook somewhere.  The candles were usually under lock and key  in a house and in the the purview of the butler or housekeeper so these are not to be left scattered about the place.

to be 'bashed'

I knew this wasn't a particularly lovely item but I wanted the butterflies out of it for pinning or putting under a dome.  Not sure what yet.  Somewhere among my three Philpots one of them must have been interested in butterflies as well as curies.

door architrave corners

Just a bit of appropriate trim to add to the corners of architrave round doors - anything to get away from dead boring without going to the whole hog of exotic plaster trims.  Simple, modest house remember.

cranked hinge screws

Utterly practical and nit-picky.  The cranked hinges that came with the kit are brass but have nickel screws - I just know they would bug me!

So, many thanks Minimum World for an eclectic and, in the case of the corners, rare collection of bits and bobs and a great customer service approach.


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