Saturday, 2 May 2015

To Pinterest or not to Pinterest

I suspect like a lot of people I came across Pinterest a while ago now and, again like a lot of people, spent far too much time trawling through it.  I even had a couple of short flings with it.  Happily (as far as I am concerned) I am now cured and have returned to my very own form of scrap-booking anything I am working on - a ring binder, some paper and some glue....

glue drying

I have a fairly large collection of stuff for reference on the computer which is also accessible to my iPad so I can have electronic nudges available to me wherever I am but nothing beats a good old feet up on the settee with a file full of paper.  The scrapbook is a collection of photo references - culled right down to the 'absolutely-want-something-to-look-like-this' selection.  There are also all kind of scribbled notes, plans, drawings, copied text; just about anything I know will be really useful, and it is all kept in one place.

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