Sunday, 17 May 2015

Tiling floors

No matter how simple the pattern on your tiled floor is I think it is best to draw it up first and then work out the materials you need.

a scribble - but mine own

It can be as scruffy and crude as this but it is reassuring to know you have got your requirements right before ordering.  Under-ordering is too annoying for words - you are part-way through the job and realise you are now going to have to wait for the new stuff to get to you (plus another postal charge).  Over-ordering is aggravating every time you look at that little box of leftover tiles.....  yes, I have done both.  With a little multiplication it seems easy to calculate the square inches required and order accordingly but, even on something as basic as this, there may unseen consideration.  In this case I hadn't thought out what I would need for the inner frame's corners. So, trust me, out with the old pencil and graph paper and be sure.

My floor tiles come from the very best of flooring vendors - no debate.  Great quality materials, wide choice of finishes, the most helpful of sellers, super-fast delivery - it simply cannot be beaten.  The link is here

I will show you them when they arrive in a couple of days.

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