Thursday, 7 May 2015

The basement

I have managed to tweak a good size kitchen from the basement area.  Sharing windows out is the constraint when cutting up room spaces.  The kitchen gets two.

The scullery is behind and returning dishes are left in the service corridor for Daisy to pick up.  

My challenge for this room will be getting the correct range. I have a few options.  I can stick with the open fire and spit arrangement.  Cheat the dates and use a lovely Pheonix kitchener which is a bit further ahead than my 1820 dates, or I could have a go at adapting it but that is a waste of money and is difficult with a cast piece.  I love the idea of collecting kitchen bits and pieces, my favourite doll's house room.

The entrance from the service corridor is at the back of the kitchen and is an archway not a doorway.  There are other doors between the smells and the family rooms so it is easier to come and go through here without a door.

There is another arch at the front leading to the servants' hall.

servants' hall

The servants' hall sits between the kitchen and the cook's room and has an arched entrance from the kitchen but a door into the cook's room.  I originally decided to have a door at the back to the service area but it made it night on impossible to furnish with three doorways leading in and out.  Sadly for my carpenter I didn't realise this until he had cut it out for me.  This is back wall part two. This should work well.  I have seen a servants hall with a built in bench across the back wall and the table in front of that plus chairs around it.  The table would be shoved back against the wall when the staff weren't eating there.  Indeed dining tables in the formal dining room were only just beginning to stay in place by 1820, they too used to be pushed against the wall.   Hopefully I can get in a few more bits and bobs such as a small sloping writing area with the bells above.

the bells

The door in the servants' hall leads into cook's room.

cook's room

Cook's room has a completely built-in cupboard right across the back wall which will shorten the room by two inches and make it better proportioned.  Besides this and her fireplace she will need a desk, a comfy chair, small table and two chairs.  Going to be a bit of a squeeze.  She did get a fire in the evening in the winter.  This is a good house to work in.


  1. Thoroughly enjoying all these regular updates giving your plans for this project. I'm getting into the habit now of watching out for them. I love this!

    1. You are a sweetie - it must be soooo slow and boring watching someone else's brain fester.

      To be fair I did say I am trying to slow this one right down so it lasts more than the usual six months start to finish. No kidding, all its predecessors took me six months from flat pack to fully dressed and up to 'what now?'