Tuesday, 5 May 2015

First floor

On the first floor we have just two rooms ...

the drawing room
This is  the nicely enlarged drawing room.  Having said that I have just given myself  even more inches to deal with!  Again it is another public room and the main one of the house and should impress at least a little.  The long back wall is the challenge here.  I am considering breaking it up with a central arched bump-out with a chaise against the wall, making a nice a deux area. 

The right hand wall maintains the symmetry  with two doors.  The back one leads to the main family landing (and stairs) and is the entrance to the room.  The door towards the front of the photo leads to the library.

Fireplaces in all rooms will be on the side walls.

the library
 The library (rather than a study) is very much a room for display, leading only from the  drawing room.  There will be good displays of books and artefacts relating to the sisters' interests.

You might just be able to see that the back wall cuts off three inches of the depth of the room making it better proportioned but, more importantly, it gives a space behind for the landing and public access to the drawing room.  The service stairs also come out on to that landing.  I thought of a jib door from the drawing room, but this house really isn't important enough for one of those.   The challenge here is floor to ceiling bookshelves.

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