Saturday, 8 August 2015

Blank Canvas

I finally have two rooms decorated and with doors and trims.  It is beginning to feel real at last.

my work room

Elizabeth was lucky enough to still have the original Georgian (built-in) linen cupboard in what was once the housekeeper's room.  She has kept this as storage for all the 'stuff' she has for her dolls house hobby.  The old walls have been made good and a new floor and trims put in.  The trims were a 'close call' but the drawers and cupboards will still (just about) open past them.

the rec room

This room has had many incarnations.  It was originally the kitchen of the Georgian house but the large chimney breast and range had been removed in the seventies, long before Elizabeth bought the house.  It was a glorious play room for the children when they were small but has recently been re-done as their (teenage) rec room to hang out in with friends when they don't want to share the space with grown-ups in the family room upstairs. That room is not visible to us as it is behind the two rooms that we can see on the ground floor.

Elizabeth was married to an American and spent a lot of years in the States and some things like the phrase 'rec room' seem like a useful 'borrow'.

Both rooms need the spot lights fitted in the ceiling so I will be spending the next few days figuring that out.  Join me shortly in the cursing.

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