Thursday, 6 August 2015

Fitting door trims

I you want to see how I put a door in I have made a video of it: How to fit a door 

The link to the whole channel is over on the left.

When I just watched it I realised I hadn't gone on to show you how to fit the trims on the other side; so here we go.

getting ready to go in place

Put a small amount of glue in the inside corner and then spread carefully over the two edges.  Take care not to overload or take it right to the very edge of the trim so you don't get any excess glue squeezing out on the wall.

Put the door in place.  As I said, if you want to see that in detail go to the video.

back of the door needing trims

For you, gentle reader, I did two methods of applying the trim.

one trim in place, two to go

I imagine this is the most usual (picture above), but not the one I would do.  

You have three pieces of trim so you can choose whichever piece you like to start with.  Probably best to start with a side piece rather than the top to be sure you have got enough height left (or not too much) to get the 'legs' in later.

Here I applied a small amount of glue, spread it with my finger and pressed the trim in place.  It should only just cover the gap between the interior wall trim and the wall.  I made sure I had put it in vertically with a little right-angle ruler.  You can use anything with a good right angle - piece of paper or card, or not at all, just use your eye.

I then fixed the top section making sure it was level and then glued in the third side.

Here is the finished result.

slightly off

If you look very carefully you will see it is slightly 'off'.  I have left more space on the left between the trim and the door edge than I have on the right.  this is why I don't do it this way.  Here's how I trim doors.

I make up the door frame first before wrapping it around the door.

ever useful jig

I love this little right angle jig; I could, maybe do with a larger one now I am back on 1/12ths.

Apply a little glue to the diagonal joint, superglue will do.  Square it up on a jig if you can but, basically if you have the join right it should pretty much do it for itself.

t'other corner

Here it is flipped over with the other corner 'setting up'.  I now have a finished door frame.  All that's left to do is apply glue to the back and take it to the doorway and centre it nicely over the space and press it in place.

I think that this way it gets centered better over the space, you know how much room you need for the three pieces and you get better corner joins.  It is also much quicker.

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