Sunday, 9 August 2015

Ken Blythe Books

Sadly, as always, my camera (or I) simply cannot do justice to these lovely little books.

I got both items from Ken Blythe's eBay shop.  His ID is Tyne 759 but he doesn't have any more things up for sale right now.

These gorgeous four Victorian books cost £6.

That's the end of my little finger

The paper and print quality is lovely and looks old and textured

The edges are great - look just like knife cut pages

The other item I bought was a Victorian portfolio of Palm Tree botanical prints.  This cost about £6.

Lovely folding edges

Very fine paper and lovely construction and even marbled paper

The enclosed prints are worth every cent - I quickly counted 27 (there may be more).  Fabulously sharp printing in great colours, all titled and on a very fine card so their weight is also right.  They would make wonderful framed pictures as well as living beautifully in this tiny portfolio.

I must reiterate they are glorious in real life to see and to handle.

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