Thursday, 13 August 2015

Finessing the piece

Here's a couple of things to ponder when building something....

making things match

Some furniture needs various plinths and tops that need a little overhang.  It is relatively easy to judge by eye - but why risk it.  If  you have a box of cut off bits of wood or card it is most likely you have something the right thickness to make sure each side is exactly the same.  Just shove it alongside the edge of whatever you are using to square up the parts and the top will be that much away from the edge - do the same on the other side and any other matching pieces and you'll get uniformity without hassle.

sharp edges and corners

The edges and corners on a finished piece sometimes look to sharp for a piece of furniture.  Other than a deliberate style statement, most furniture has the edges of the wood 'knocked off' a little just to take of the splintery sharpness.  Some furniture also has slightly knocked off corners.

hope you can see the difference.

On this particular furniture I am happy to 'overdo' it a little as that is my memory of eighties stuff which is what I want these to look like.  The furniture for the rec room has come from Elizabeth's London flat which she has just sold - all retro furniture (just wait until you see the chairs!).

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