Friday, 28 August 2015

Post Script to cutting wood

Just to prove that if you are reading my stuff it is only a starting place for anyone never having done anything like it before.  I don't have any right way to do something - only the ways I've found.  Here is a prime example.  After sharing my way to cut-wood-the-same-size method with you I immediately switched to doing it this way:

the flat method

The stop piece and the wood are now lying down flat and I have switched to a junior hacksaw.  This melded into method three - the stop piece still in this position (also note the G-clamp is now holding it down) but the strip was stood back up again.

So, the instructions are....   get a saw, somewhere to use it, a spare bit of wood and fiddle around until you find the easiest way for you.  Method three worked the best for me and I did forty-eight pieces in one standing.


89 great library shelf fillers

Love 'em.

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