Saturday, 22 August 2015

Ken Blythe - more books

Having been away for a while two parcels were waiting for me on my return.  

The first was some coving from Jennifer's of Walsall which was to complete an order.  They are great - if something you order is temporarily out of stock they will always send it on as soon as they restock at their expense...... and usually quickly.  So in this case there was a great cardboard tube - imagine the cost of that plus postage - containing half a dozen pieces of coving.  Excellent - tick!

The second was delivered to me today by a neighbour, who had taken it in during our absence.  I wonder what they made of the little label on the front declaring doll's house miniatures.  Even the real life package from Ken Blythe is as neat as a pin and so carefully wrapped:

Inside one half was the most perfectly scaled carton of books:

Every book has printed pages - they look and feel lovely 

I won three items from his eBay sales which he kindly held on to until the bidding was over to consolidate into one parcel.  So, in the other half of the box were two other packages.  The first was a set of  Anne of Green Gables books.  Joanne has been given them for her birthday - they are a 1930's (?) edition and are very collectible.  They were favourite childhood books for her (and Elizabeth) and me!

The single book is the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.  This book was chosen by Elizabeth as her prize for a writing competition at school many years before before and is still among her favourite reading.  

As this is how I also came by it I wonder if I could get my head mistress to (mini) sign the frontispiece .....  as she did fifty-five years ago.  She'd be ninety now!  How did the youngest head teacher of a grammar school become an old lady?  A million memories from the sight of a tiny book.

mine was red

where's the prize label?

think I'll read the full-size version

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