Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Frugality is a virtue

It may not seem like it sometimes, but I promise you I am working this hobby on a very tight budget (pension and tiny bits from writing) which also has to stretch to many other things besides minis.  I am, therefore, cheap/tight/miserly/skimpy (choose your adjective) when it comes to buying anything where I can cut a corner. In truth, I like to think that even if I was 'rolling in it' I would be frugal.

On which note here's today's bargains:

I seem to have demolished a few paintbrushes recently - one is covered in dried glue and staring at me right now!  This packet of fifteen (to ruin) cost £1.49 

Colouring in the edges of the book covers means I need two or three felt tips which I don't have.  These may  well do the job for 59 pence.  I can see a blue and brown and green that may work.  I think the orangey/red I need may be a 'challenge'.

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