Sunday, 16 August 2015

Swan Song?

This might be my swan song.... at least for a while.  To explain.

We spend each winter in Naples in Florida where I can't work on my project as we are separated by 4,360 miles!  This year we are going back early so I can go to Miniaturia (yes, that is how they spell it) in Orlando on the way in.  This means we leave in three weeks time.   We are on holiday in Scotland for eight days during those three weeks and have a zillion commitments after that so, realistically, this is my last week of being able to 'play house'.

I am writing this on the 8th July, but have forward posted it to the 16th so I can keep this blog going as long as possible.

Don't desert me.  I will do my best to nip in now and then with mini-related tales and the moment I am back home I will be back in the game.

Meanwhile, look what arrived a moment ago from ELF.  It probably isn't thrilling for you but I am doing little cartwheels.

my life in mini

Along with my 'replica' furniture Elizabeth sent the usual time-consuming (for her) two pages of instructions on how to put them together.  When I tell you the work table cost just £5 you can tell what a star she is.

The Ikea trolley complete with drawer fronts and working castors.

The work table.  Love the absolutely just right legs.  Might need a couple of small chests of drawers to go under it sometime....  

My computer trolley - not just her stock offering but bespoke, design and measurements.  Complete with sliding keyboard tray and castors.

Much painting to be done.

I discovered when I made my first kitchen that you need to apply as many thin coats of paint as you can stand to do.  I am sure Elizabeth once told me when she makes for customers she does nine!  I am fine doing the painting and even the sanding between coats; what I am rubbish at is waiting for it to dry properly in between.  I intend to do my very best with these and give them at least three.  I'll keep you posted. 

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