Wednesday, 12 August 2015


Do you get as easily distracted as I do?

I was waiting from something to glue up enough to handle - just a couple of minutes and my brain and eyes wandered off to the forward edges of my house's rooms.

In all three previous builds I finished the front edges of the project almost at the very end, just before I hung the large dolls house doors.  Looking at it I wondered why and thought it might be nice to do it now.  Did the thought stop there and I returned to making some furniture.  Well, no.  

I wanted the usual cream coloured finish that I have done them in but then realised I had a tin of paint which was no longer needed - now we aren't Georgian - so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

rough edge

lightly sanded and painted (first coat)

Oddly in this photo the side of the house seems to have ended up matching the paint.  It doesn't really.  The paint is close to the colour of the unfinished MDF and I quite like that.  You can see the difference as the vertical edge is painted and the horizontal one is not. 

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