Friday, 7 August 2015

Knobs and handles

I am certain no-one but me could have made such a fuss over door knobs and handles!

Finally, and by sheer fluke, I found what I wanted.  I was happily trawling through ELF's site, as I do now and then, and I came across these:

two styles

Having escaped the constraints of the Georgian period I can now have what I like and I like these chrome finish ones.  The handles are for the basement and loft rooms and the knobs are for the posher public areas on the ground and first floors.  I haven't used the knobs yet but know I will like them and they make much more sense than brass.

three down, seven more to go

Incidentally door knobs or handles are usually thirty-nine inches from the floor.  They do vary with the period though, so it need's checking if you want to get it 'just so'.

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