Tuesday, 11 August 2015

In process

Thought you might like to see two ELF pieces in process.

From pieces being turned into boxes ....

.... to almost finished TV unit

Today's kit is the computer desk with hutch:

Much faster to do as it is very similar to the TV unit

I thought it might be useful to show you this to also show you all the things you need to make it.  You can manage with less - basically all you need is glue!

These are the things I like to use when building stuff.  Firstly there is a magnetic right-angled jig which I think gives me greater accuracy and speeds up the process quite a lot - not essential, but it is very useful for a zillion things.  They come in lots of sizes - this is a small one because I bought it for 1/48ths.  I haven't found I need a larger one yet.

There is a very small and thin palette knife (cheap) just to tweak the glued object off the jig if it is sticking a bit.  Oddest thing here are the 'marks' on the knife - it is a clean as a whistle - assume they are reflections but I can't figure out what?????

The wood glue goes on a glass tile (any tile will do, or a small plate or saucer) - small blob at a time and is picked up and applied to the kit with a toothpick.  Your tile/plate etc will clean up easily when it gets too much glue or paint on it.  Most of it peels off and the rest will soak off.

The two rough-looking wooden pieces bottom right are just bits of wood that I use as spacers between the shelves to make sure each side of the unit matches and even more importantly, to make sure the shelves are horizontal.  It drives me nuts if  I put up a shelf on the wall or in some furniture and it is wonky - however slightly.  Same with hanging pictures - real life and mini life.

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