Monday, 3 August 2015

Cutting trims - the tools

This is for the newbies ....

I really don't think you can cut a trim such as skirting or coving without some sort of minimum tool kit.

There must be a zillion power tools on the market for cutting angles but I suspect they come at a premium.  I know a lot of people use a large (ish) pair of shears that are made for making mitre-cuts through strips of wood.  I chose the more conventional (and cheaper) route.

Having said cheaper, I can't remember what I paid for my mitre block and saw and G-clamp but none of them would have cost much or I wouldn't have them!  I had a quick look on line and the prices vary hugely, so I think it is just a case of shopping around.

You will need:

mitre block

A mitre block can be made in all sorts of materials, wood, plastic, metal....  It has slits which are accurately cut out at ninety and forty-five degrees.

clamped to the table

They can be like mine with a sort of guide edge you can run along the worktop to keep it nicely lined up when you clamp it down; others are just plain blocks that stand on a surface.

I think people probably do saw without clamping the block down but I don't have terrific wrist strength and would prefer stability.  This is a woman who struggles with a coffee jar!


Imagine this the other way round and you'll see why it is called a G-clamp - I guess any clamp will do.  Again, for me, I favour this as it is easy to tighten using its little lever.  I suppose you can use it either way up ?  I just remember my dad having it this way with the screw part at the bottom.

razor saw and handle

This is my razor saw.  It comes with a removable handle so you can replace it when it is blunt or, indeed, use the handle for other tools.  Basically any very fine tooth saw would probably do.

ready for work.

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